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The Bible story and its message of salvation are connected to a real place and in a real time in history. Its reliability and credibility is therefore dependent upon evidence that corroborates its claims. New Testament scholar C.H. Dodd said, “Some religions can be indifferent to historical fact, and move entirely upon the plane of timeless truth. Christianity cannot.” (History of the Gospel). The Bible Land Passages project is dedicated to showcasing those historical facts through powerful video segments that teach faith lessons from the Bible lands.


Online Bible Courses




Study At-Your-Own-Pace

God has said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Most people today do not even know what books are in the Bible let alone understand what is in it. WVBS School is designed to increase people’s knowledge of the Bible. WVBS School will cover every book in the Bible plus a small handful of related subjects which will help anyone to understand what they read in their Bible. The desire of WVBS School is to provide each student with outstanding knowledge of the Bible.


Searching for Truth is a video/book program that introduces the very foundation of Christianity, the Gospel. It is designed to teach what one needs to know to become a Christian. Did you know that on the average, 107 people die every minute? That's a staggering number. As much as we might like to go on living, all of us will face death. But what happens to us when we die? Does life after death exist? If so, what kind of life? Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? And if so, what will happen to you when you die? More important, will it matter what you believed or how you lived in this life?


Buscando la Verdad (Searching for Truth in Spanish)

Buscando la Verdad is the Spanish version of the Searching for Truth video and book. It introduces the very foundation of Christianity and the Gospel. It is designed to teach what one needs to know to become a Christian. Does life after death exist? If so, what kind of life? Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? And if so, what will happen to you when you die? More important, will it matter what you believed or how you lived in this life?

What Must I Do To Be Saved? Videos

What must I do to be saved? The answer to this question has implications both now and for eternity. Sadly, wrong answers are being given all the time. In this study, Don Blackwell opens the Bible and shares with us God’s answer to this question. It is a simple, straight-forward study done in a kind and loving manner. With a question of this magnitude, you cannot afford to be wrong. Won’t you join us for this vital study?


Moral Issues

Sooner or later, most of us find ourselves facing moral, social, ethical and biblical situations that command our attention. These situations can affect our family, friends, neighbors or others. In an easy to understand manner, Don Blackwell presents a compelling and informative answer from a biblical and practical standpoint. These are great teaching lessons for Bible classes from junior high through adult.


We live in a world of religious confusion. Worship has become more about the individual than about God. But in the midst of the confusion, the Bible remains clear. Don Blackwell and Neal Pollard deal with basic principles of worship in a simple and concise manner that rings true to the Word of God. Whether a new convert or a diligent seeker of truth, these lessons will benefit and strengthen you.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

The Truth About... Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

With more than half of marriages ending in divorce, to say that a study of the subject is needed is an understatement. Most people don't know what God has to say about divorce, and many don't care.
In this study, Don Blackwell delves into a crucial topic that is affecting the very fabric of our society. If you are considering divorce or you know someone who is, please don't go any further until you watch this video. Be sure that you understand what God has to say on this subject of eternal consequence.

Same-Sex Marriage

The Truth About...Same-Sex Marriage

What does the Bible teach about homosexuality? How does God feel about same-sex marriage? Have we been misusing the Bible when citing it to condemn gay and lesbian behavior? Did Jesus ever mention it? Is it time for Christians to finally accept that homosexuality is a civic right equivalent to racial equality? In this lesson, Don Blackwell shines the light of God’s truth on these and other questions that are trending cultural topics.

Dressing to Worship

The Truth About... Dressing to Worship

Does it matter how we dress when we go to worship God? Is it only the heart that matters, or does God also care about our outward appearance? In this lesson Don Blackwell explores these questions and more, studying both biblical passages and societal views as they relate to clothing. You might be surprised by the conclusions.


The Truth About... Angels

There are very few subjects in the religious world that captivate our attention like that of angels. We want to know what angels look like? What do angels do? Do guardian angels exist? Does Satan have angels?
Travis Quertermous conducts a thought provoking two-lesson biblical study on angels addressing these questions.



To many in the religious world Christmas is the quintessential Christian holiday, but would you be surprised to learn that the Bible does not even mention Christmas? Would you further be surprised to learn that the story of Jesus’ birth, as is commonly told, is very different from the inspired text? What is a Christian’s responsibility at this time of the year? In this video, Don Blackwell examines the story of the birth of Jesus, exposing the myths and explaining what the Bible really says about Christmas.

The Cross or the Crescent

The Cross or the Crescent

With more than 22% of the World's population being Islamic it is important that we understand this religion. The Cross or the Crescent is a 43-minute presentation by Dean Buchanan designed to help viewers understand the history of Islam in light of the Cross.

Evil, Pain and Suffering Chapters

This half hour program, hosted by Kyle Butt, is designed to help the countless number of people searching for answers. If you are one of them, you need to see this video. Kyle Butt guides the viewer in understanding answers to these questions and more.

A Woman's Choice Chapters

Unplanned pregnancy? Don't know what to do? Need help understanding your choices? 'A Woman's Choice' is an engaging video designed to help a woman who finds herself with an unexpected pregnancy and pressed with decisions of what to do.


In the world today, we see increasing numbers of young people involved in sinful sexual activities that often result in pregnancy and disease. This site includes videos that address in a very frank way the various kinds of problems (including sexual diseases) that can result from participation in sexual activities.

Why Are There So Many Churches? Videos

Contemporary religious scholars and historians estimate that there are approximately 38,000 denominations in the world today. Have you ever wondered if the true church still exists today? Does it really matter to which church I belong? If the true church does exist, how can we find it?

Learn about the fascinating history of the first century church of the Bible and how it still exists today! Learn about God's true church, the origins of denominationalism and God's scheme of redemption for mankind.

The Killing of Jesus Videos

The greatest story ever told that changed the world and our eternal destiny forever. This story of life, love, compassion and sacrifice but also of evil, betrayal and treachery is told by Glenn Colley in a story-telling format. Part 1 covers the raising of Lazarus to Jesus' death on the cross. Part 2 covers the resurrection of Jesus to His ascension.


Throughout history Noah’s Ark and the Global Flood have been the focus of famous artwork, scholarly discussions, written works and public dramatizations. While some have accurately upheld the Genesis account, many more have distorted and abused the facts until subsequent generations struggle to determine fact from fiction. In order to distinguish the truth about Noah’s Ark, and to clear the fog-of-confusion, Branyon May (Ph.D.) plainly addresses the facts and clearly demonstrates “The Reality of Noah’s Ark” with stunning visuals and concrete examples to strengthen your faith.